Death Cab for Cutie


bark32lp10: Death Cab for Cutie / Transatlanticism (10th Anniversary Edition)

Transatlanticism (10th Anniversary Edition)

bark32demo: Death Cab for Cutie / Transatlanticism Demos bark116: Death Cab for Cutie / Codes And Keys

Transatlanticism Demos

Codes And Keys

bark144: Death Cab for Cutie / Live 2012 (Featuring Magik*Magik Orchestra) bark96: Death Cab for Cutie / The Open Door Ep

Live 2012 (Featuring Magik*Magik Orchestra)

The Open Door EP

bark75: Death Cab for Cutie / Narrow Stairs bark47: Death Cab for Cutie / Plans

Narrow Stairs


Death Cab for Cutie originally formed in Bellingham, WA, in 1997 with their casette-only Elsinor Records release, You Can Play These Songs With Chords (later expanded and reissued by Barsuk on CD). The group, which appropriated its name from a song title by '60s UK rock ensemble The Bonzo Dog Band, has consistently released outstanding albums over the years, gaining a wider audience and seeping into the consciousness of mainstream America with the success of their latest albums, the most recent of which were released by Atlantic Records. The band remains a core member of the Barsuk family, however, and we released their 2005 album Plans on double 180-gram LP (complete with the vinyl-only bonus track talking like turnstiles), their 2008 album, Narrow Stairs on 180-gram vinyl, and their newest album, Codes And Keys, on four sides of 180 gram vinyl. In addition to the Ben Gibbard lo-fi solo project All-Time Quarterback CD reissue from a few years back, we also released the Chris Walla solo project, Field Manual, the Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard score to the film kurt cobain about a son, and the 10-year anniversary deluxe reissue of their debut, Something About Airplanes.

Classic Death Cab albums reissued on vinyl + cassette 13 Nov 2014

Barsuk is extremely excited to announce the vinyl reissue of Death Cab for Cutie's first three studio albums, Something About Airplanes (1998), We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes (2000) and The Photo Album (2001), as well as the cassette reissue of DCfC's debut You Can Play These Songs With Chords (1997). In celebration, Barsuk is offering up pre-order packages that include album inspired t-shirts.

With the exception of a limited-edition boxset released by Artists in Residence, We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes and The Photo Album have been out of print on vinyl since their original pressing and Something About Airplanes has not been in print for several years. This reissue marks the first time they're available separately on high-quality 180 gram vinyl. Each LP includes an MP3 download code and is presented with its original artwork.

The reissue of Death Cab for Cutie's debut, You Can Play These Songs With Chords, returns the album to its original format — cassette. Originally released in 1997 by Bellingham, WA's Elsinor Records with two different j-card cover art versions, Chords was previously made available by Barsuk on CD with new artwork in 2002 along with extra bonus material as You Can Play These Songs With Chords + 10, but this release marks its first cassette availability in many years. This reissue includes an MP3 download code and artwork replicated from both versions of the original cassette release, along with new liner notes from Elsinor's Joe Chilcote.