Kind Of Like Spitting


bark27: Kind Of Like Spitting / Bridges Worth Burning

Bridges Worth Burning

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You Secretly Want Me Dead

Old Moon In The Arms Of The New

Kind of Like Spitting has taken a staunchly independent approach to making records and performing, releasing six records (at latest count) on small DIY indie labels, and doing tours across the country in a variety of venues, from the neighborhood house party to the big rock arena. At the core of KOLS is Ben Barnett, singer/songwriter with a talent for writing gut-wrenching tales of life and love.

Kind of Like Spitting's Bridges Worth Burning back on vinyl 30 Oct 2014

Kind of Like Spitting is back. They're currently playing a handful of shows in Florida and will be announcing some more dates shortly. In celebration, Barsuk is ecstatic to announce the re-release of Kind of Like Spitting's classic Bridges Worth Burning on vinyl. Originally released in 2002, the album was originally only briefly made available on vinyl with an extremely limited pressing.

This reissue will come complete with the original two-sided poster/lyric sheet insert, and will be available in early 2015 — you can pre-order it now.