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“Dark Side Of The Moon”

There are no casual Chris Staples fans. The man inspires devotion. The turnaround from casual listener to evangelist is nearly instantaneous. Play his music during a road trip with friends and inevitably someone will ask, "Who is this?" And a lifelong fan is born. Such is the unaffected power of these songs, of this voice. Chris Staples fandom is rewarding and lasting (despite his understated approach to promoting his own work, which — as it should be with all artists — seems secondary to the effort he puts into the making of it). We follow where he leads, and our numbers are growing.

Chris Staples premieres "Black Tornado" 31 Jul 2014

Barsuk is excited to share Chris Staples' "Black Tornado", from his upcoming album American Soft, which was featured yesterday at American Songwriter. The third look at his upcoming Barsuk debut American Soft, Staples described inspiration for the song to American Songwriter saying, "I was on tour a few years ago and passing through a small town in southern Alabama. A huge tornado had just ripped through the area a few weeks earlier. I could clearly see the path of the tornado as it had flattened a gas station and grocery store. I stopped at a deli to get some lunch, and the cashier was telling me about it. She said the sky was super black and ominous, and she watched the "sky roll up". That's where I got the idea for the sky being rolled up like an oriental rug, which I thought was visual and kind of funny. I thought it would be fun to personify a weather event, and imagine it being a person that you dread coming to town."

NPR's All Songs Considered raved about the first single, "Dark Side of the Moon", earlier this summer and The Onion's AV Club described the next peek at American Soft, "Hold Onto Something", as "an intimate but sonically lush cut".

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