David Bazan

David Bazan has never had the answers. His first two solo records, 2009's Curse Your Branches and 2011's Strange Negotiations lived inside questions. Questions of politics, of relationships, of addiction, and of God. For anyone looking to art to remove doubt, Bazan is not that refuge. With a catalogue that orbits the darkest corners of the human experience, his songs are the tiny pinprick of light, the first breath coming up for air, the rest stop on a trip with no destination. Having spent half of the last decade on tour, away from home, David Bazan's new album reflects the wandering life of a traveling troubadour. And while there is joy in that life, Blanco is born of its challenges. It's what, and whom, he leaves at home that you hear on Blanco. Made up of tracks that were previously available in a very limited edition 7" vinyl series called Bazan Monthly, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Bazan turned to northwest indie-rock veteran Yuuki Matthews, who both co-produced Strange Negotiations and co-founded celebrated indie band Crystal Skulls, to help craft the endeavor. "I walked in thinking that we would have to scrap all the ideas I had as garbage once he heard them" says Bazan. "Instead he said these are great, let's get started." Over the next twelve months the pair would record over a dozen songs together, ten of which comprise Blanco.

David Bazan's "Teardrops" premieres at KEXP 05 May 2016

"Bazan is one of those rare birds with a consistently impressive almost 20-year career, during which he seems to have made sport of challenging himself artistically... Blanco is no exception." — Paste

Barsuk is pleased to announce that "Teardrops" from the forthcoming David Bazan record Blanco (out May 13) has premiered at indie stalwart radio station KEXP. Tune in here.

A North American tour in support of the record begins June 8th at The Bartlett in Spokane, WA. In anticipation of the forthcoming release of Blanco, Bazan has also made his Barsuk Records solo releases — Fewer Moving Parts, Curse Your Branches and Strange Negotiations — alongside singles for "Trouble With Boys", "Kept Secrets" and "Teardrops" from Blanco, available on all streaming services for the first time.


bark163: David Bazan / Blanco


“Trouble With Boys”

bark113: David Bazan / Strange Negotiations bark83: David Bazan / Curse Your Branches

Strange Negotiations

“Wolves At The Door”

Curse Your Branches

“Bless This Mess”

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