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bark129: Laura Gibson / Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

bark121: Laura Gibson / La Grande

La Grande

“La Grande”

Born in the small logging town of Coquille, Oregon, Laura Gibson started as an outsider to Portland's vibrant indie scene, performing solo acoustic shows in unusual venues like AIDS hospices and kindergartens. Her previous record Beasts of Seasons, released on Hush Records in 2009, was split into two parts (Communion Songs and Funeral Songs), and its confidence and scope caught the ear of a wider audience. Since its release, Gibson has claimed a very special place in the world of modern folk music among critics, and, more importantly, in the hearts of sincere music lovers.

New Laura Gibson song 06 Jan 2014

Laura Gibson recently performed a new song for the Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) show "State of Wonder". Laura wrote the song based on a piece of writing by author Cheryl Strayed, and the author wrote a piece based on Laura's song "The Fire". You can listen to the entire broadcast here.

upcoming shows

17 Jan

SEATTLE, WA · Fremont Abbey Arts Center