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Empire Builder, Laura Gibson's second record for Barsuk and fourth LP, is named for the Amtrak route Laura took while moving from Portland, Oregon to New York City in the summer of 2014, after deciding to enter graduate school, to move away from a supportive community, a close-knit family and her long-time boyfriend. Out of her comfort zone, she found even more of a challenge than she’d envisioned. Immediately upon arrival, she broke her foot and barely left her 5th floor apartment for the first two months. Then, on March 26th, 2015, her East Village building burned to the ground in a horrific gas explosion which killed two people and left many homeless.

Gibson escaped from her apartment unharmed, but lost everything: all identification, eyeglasses, musical instruments, years of notebooks and every word she had written in response to her move. She spent the next few months rebuilding her life, bouncing between friends' couches and guest rooms, finishing her second semester, and all the while rewriting the lyrics she'd lost. A financial recovery was made possible with help and support from hundreds of friends, fans and strangers. It's no surprise that Empire Builder stands as her most personal record to date.

Laura Gibson announces new album 20 Jan 2016

Laura Gibson is excited to announce her forthcoming album Empire Builder, slated for release on April 1. Today she reveals a track, "The Cause", which features show-stopping string arrangements and kitchen-sink percussion. "The Cause" premiered via NPR.

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