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The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

“When I Was Young”

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“See These Bones”


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The Dulcitone Files

If I Had A Hi-Fi

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Karmic EP

The Weight Is A Gift

"Did you ever, as a kid, want to crawl into the speakers?" asks Nada Surf singer-guitarist Matthew Caws. "I did — here was OK, but there was much better." And that's pretty much what Nada Surf is all about — Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca, and drummer Ira Elliot are in love with the way rock music can transport you to a new and wonderful place in a beguiling rush of beats, chords, hooks and words. And they do it 10 times over on their brilliant sixth album, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy.

Before, Nada Surf albums simply took on the character of the songs that the band came up with at the time. This one was different — there was a plan. "We've always played faster and a little harder live," Caws says, "but we'd play so carefully in the studio. So with this album, we made a conscious decision to preserve what it felt like in the practice room, when you play with that new-song energy. Just embrace it and not worry whether we’re overdoing it, kind of get all the thinking out of the way."

The stars has a somewhat more optimistic, more outward-looking tone than previous Nada Surf albums. On the yearning waiting for something, Caws sings, "This new peace/ I can feel it now," and that serenity — and not anger — is actually what fueled the music's extra kick.

The stars are indifferent to astronomy continues the notion of music as an alternative reality, and songs as things you can keep by your side for inspiration and support. Which is what makes Nada Surf a truly beloved band.

Nada Surf release live album 14 Aug 2015

This just in from Nada Surf: "On Saturday March 24th, 2012, we drove into Seattle, Washington, one of our favorite cities, to play at the Neptune Theatre (they spell it Brit style). We were in the midst of a US tour in support of The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. Days before, our longtime friend and frequent producer John Goodmanson told us that the venue was wired for recording, with a whole extra set of cables going from the stage down to the basement. did we want him to record the show? our answer: yes! a few months ago, we asked fans if they'd be interested in a live album. their answer: yes! so we had John mix it and now it's ready. Live at the Neptune Theatre is available to pre-order in a limited edition 3xLP package that includes a show poster from that night, an LP-sized 8-page color booklet, a t-shirt iron-on and a temporary tattoo:

"The package will ship in early 2016 but when you pre-order you receive an immediate digital download of the album. it's also available at all digital outlets today. If you order tickets for the November shows in DC, NYC and Toronto you will also receive a free digital download of the album with your ticket confirmation. Bonus!" we hope you enjoy the record, we sure enjoyed making it!