Sunset Valley


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Goldbank 78 Stack

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Space-power-pop rockers Sunset Valley are a band for the new millennium. They write infectious, crazy pop ditties, where the songs' ability to get stuck in your head is only the surface of their power. Ethereal and psychedelic, Sunset Valley’s sonic palette — keyboard washes, guitar jangle, and vocals that both sneer and recall the best of the lo-fi indie rock onslaught — keep the music buoyant above the receding floor of reality. Sunset Valley formed in Portland, Oregon in September of 1996; originally a trio comprising frontman Herman Jolly, guitarist Jonathan Drews and bassist Eric Furlong, the group later expanded to a five-piece with the additions of keyboardist Jeff Saltzman and ex-Heatmiser drummer Tony Lash.

"The band shimmers with the radiance of a distant mirage in the wild desert air - languid with a bit of twang like the great Giant Sand while pulsing with the mildly demented playfulness of Elf Power." (Rockpile)