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Various Artists

Give the People What We Want: Songs of the Kinks
bbb004:  / Give The People What We Want: Songs Of The Kinks
bbb004   CD Burn Burn Burn Records   January 2005
  1. Revenge (C Average)
  2. Gotta Get The First Plane Home (Young Fresh Fellows)
  3. Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'bout That Girl (Mark Lanegan)
  4. Who'll Be The Next In Line (Mudhoney)
  5. Ring The Bells (Model Rockets) / This Man He Weeps Tonight (The Fall-Outs)
  6. The Way Love Used To Be (Heather Duby)
  7. Sunny Afternoon (Baby Gramps)
  8. Alcohol (The Murder City Devils)
  9. Session Man (The Congratulators)
  10. Tin Soldier Man (Love As Laughter)
  11. Waterloo Sunset (The Fastbacks)
  12. Fancy (Jon Auer)
  13. Brainwashed (The Pinkos)
  14. Act Nice And Gentle (Larry Barrett)
  15. Wicked Annabella (The Minus 5)
  16. Strangers (The Makers)
  17. Come Dancing (The Briefs)
  18. I Go To Sleep (Nikol Kollars)

C-Average, Young Fresh Fellows, Mark Lanegan, Mudhoney, Model Rockets, The Fallouts, Heather Duby, Baby Gramps, The Murder City Devils, The Congratulators, Love as Laughter, The Fastbacks, Jon Auer, The Pinkos, Larry Barrett, The Minus 5, The Makers, The Briefs, Nikol Kollars... All of the songs on this one are by the greatest band in the world, The Kinks!



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