t h i s   b u s y   m o n s t e r


  • This website hasn't been updated in a while, for which we offer many apologies. Christopher Monster has been busy behind the scenes at Barsuk Records, but hopefully he'll be playing some shows in 2003. He's also a big fat geek, and to prove it, here's chapter 1 of a book he's been working on for the past 10 years: Lumik's Fugue.
  • our new album, fireworks, is officially out.
  order your copy now from barsuk records.
  this cd release features five songs: the curious sofa, how loup-garou grew, acrobat (treatment), issue (demo), and an arrow or a rope.
   how loup-garou grew

  harvey danger's new album, king james version (out now), has an early this busy monster song on it: underground, performed, of course, as only harvey danger can perform it.

here's our version, a very early this busy monster recording (cassette only, no longer available). after listening to this, you're required to go out and buy the new harvey danger record:


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