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Split 7" With Chad Price

True Devotion

“Red River”

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The Brag And Cuss

Seattle musician Rocky Votolato is a soft-spoken, very kind, very hard-working father of two, born in rural Texas and raised in the Pacific Northwest indie scene (where he fronted the acclaimed rock band Waxwing). In his decade-plus life as a songwriter and musician he has sought to articulate something essential about life, writing songs that seem to have been scratched into a boxcar wall by a worn-out and lonesome ghost. His gravelly, sandpaper smooth voice and introspective lyrics mark him as that most rare of punk-rocker-turned-acoustic-troubadours: Votolato writes graceful, understated, human, unpretentious songs, demonstrating that simplicity is still a viable option for accomplished songwriters.

Rocky Votolato's critically lauded "Makers" on 180-gram vinyl for first time 07 Jun 2016

Barsuk is proud to reissue Rocky Votolato's classic 2006 album Makers on August 19th. This 10th Anniversary reissue marks the first time Barsuk has released the album on LP format, and the first time it's been pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl with a newly designed gatefold sleeve. In celebration of the anniversary, Votolato is announcing a nationwide tour in which he'll play Makers in its entirety.