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Benjamin Gibbard

Other cities, other plans; different friends, different dreams; former loves, former lives. After fifteen-plus years in Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard didn't make his first solo album in search of a new beginning; instead, it closes a door. "These songs span eight years, three relationships, living in two different places, drinking then not drinking" he says of the dozen tracks that comprise Former Lives. "They're a side story, not a new chapter."

More recently, Ben recorded two tracks in sessions with Richard Swift, the renowned singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who tragically passed away in 2018. The single is the second entry by Fug Yep Soundation, a 7" series created to raise awareness for addiction and bring community to those suffering. The A-side is the unreleased demo of "Me and Magdalena" which Ben wrote for The Monkees 2016 album Good Times!. The B-side is an alternate unreleased version of Teenage Fanclub's "The Concept" from Ben's cover of the band's classic Bandwagonesque album.

Benjamin Gibbard on NPR's Tiny Desk!

Benjamin Gibbard performed from his home studio for NPR's Tiny Desk this past weekend – archived here. 06 Apr 2020



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