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Rilo Kiley

With a sound that veers from the acoustic simplicity and poetic lyricism of coffeehouse folk to the bouncy, lo-fi appeal of D.I.Y. indie pop, this California quartet writes melodies so damn catchy, you might almost think you've heard them before. Jenny Lewis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Blake Sennet (guitar, vocals), Pierre de Reeder (bass) and Dave Rock (drums, later replaced by ex-Lassie Foundation member Jason Boesel) formed Rilo Kiley in 1998 in Los Angeles. Three years after its formation, the band released on Barsuk. Songs like go ahead and bulletproof showcase the band's most distinctive asset — the sweet vocals and bittersweet lyrics of Lewis — while the breezy hooks and driving beats of tunes like wires and waves and always show the band knows how to craft songs of undeniable infectiousness.



bark19: Rilo Kiley / Take Offs And Landings
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