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The Long Winters

Putting The Days To Bed, the third LP from Seattle's The Long Winters, combines the lyrical intimacy and melodic complexity of the Ultimatum EP with the guitar pop rave-ups of the bands previous full lengths. The two sides of songwriter John Roderick come together to create the most compelling Long Winters release to date.

John Roderick writes songs that make you feel like you've been talking to someone really interesting in an airport for the last hour and, although you know you'll never see them again, you just told them your whole life story and a part of you will love them forever. Good songs are hard to write, hard to find, and are unrelated to fashion. As Roderick says, "I like chairs that don't creak and songs that don't suck." There's a lot of music being made as an accessory now, but there will always be a need for actual songs. The Long Winters are working on making those, and with Putting the Days to Bed, they most certainly have succeeded.



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