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Pearly Gate Music

Pearly Gate Music's acclaimed debut arrived in 2011. But years of substance-fueled self-sabotage caught up with Zach Tillman as he began a follow-up, and he found himself crippled by anxiety, incapable of recording. Self-doubt solidified as his brother Josh began his meteoric rise as Father John Misty. Despite Zach's extraordinary talents, he was lost for years, searching for his old confidence: playing in other people's bands, experimenting with various spiritualisms and hedonism, his songs remained locked in a psychological prison. But then he found the secret: the love of this life, his wife Sondra. Within weeks of the birth of their baby daughter, Zach finally had a breakthrough. He says of the dazzling result: "Mainly Gestalt Pornography is (mostly) love songs written after certain lovers, certain dread, certain visions, certain ecstasies. I hope they transcend their origins to speak of Love in its highest, most encompassing form. God is Love."

New Pearly Gate Music album, Mainly Gestalt Pornography out now

Zachary Tillman's Pearly Gate Music has returned with Mainly Gestalt Pornography, the first new Pearly Gate Music album since the critically acclaimed self-titled debut a decade ago, available today at digital retailers everywhere. Listen now. The album is also available on cassette via Curly Cassettes, a Portland, OR boutique record label which has been releasing short-run cassettes for over a decade. 03 Dec 2021



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