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Pearly Gate Music

Pearly Gate Music
bark95: Pearly Gate Music / Pearly Gate Music
bark95   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   May 2010
  1. Golden Funeral
    • Big Escape
  2. Navy Blues
  3. Oh, What A Time!
  4. I Woke Up
  5. Gossamer Hair
  6. Daddy Wrote You Letters...
  7. I Was A River
    • Bad Nostalgia
  8. Rejoice

Pearly Gate Music is an incredibly gifted gentleman by the name of Zach Tillman (although he records and usually plays live with a stylistic variety of full-band options), who makes beautiful, challenging, simple-yet-complicated songs structured around his extraordinary singing, vivid lyrics, and unusual melodic sense. Sometimes conjuring the feeling of a punk rock religious revival in an old-time prairie tent, sometimes stripped down to spare acoustic-guitar-and-lovely-croon, Tillman's music sounds as if it were written and performed by a bedraggled dust bowl poet influenced by whatever popular songs from the poor folk circuit were being sung after dinner in the parlors of his youth — and who somehow managed to supernaturally absorb the sound of Lubbock circa 1955, Laurel Canyon circa 1968 and Berlin circa 1980.

"Navy Blues" feels as if it should be heard as a timeless lost cut from 70 years ago, a song popular on the poor, folk circuit, sung in the parlors after dinner and coffee, or by dirty poets with holes in their knees and their elbows. We're overcome by Tillman's gorgeous and provocative writing, giving us the kinds of poignant and cutting truths/insight that one like Kris Kristofferson does with every single line he's ever written. A song like "Gossamer Hair," contains bits and pieces of everything that make Tillman one of the most promising new artists in the country.


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