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The Revolutionary Hydra

Having gotten together in 1997 after the breakup of Virginia Creeper, the Revolutionary Hydra have been playing their self-proclaimed brand of "nonchalant rock" to their native Washington. With a shuffling lineup that changes at practically every practice, their personnel over the years has included Bart Sharp, Joe Chilcote, Jay Chilcote, Benjamin Gibbard, Pepe, Chris Walla, Allisyn Levy, Robbie Skrocki, and Herbert Bergel. Inspired by the Talking Heads, Camper Van Beethoven, and Blonde Redhead, the Hydra have found themselves placed amongst the indie rock mainstays of Pavement and Sebadoh upon their 1998 debut split EP with Death Cab for Cutie. They gave us two treats to release on 7" vinyl: queen of the gravity urge and tranquility base. The single is, unfortunately, out of print, but head on over to the Elsinor website for other great Rev Hydra releases.


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