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Steady Holiday

Steady Holiday is an appropriate name for an artist whose music feels like the soundtrack to your fondest memory. Or your deepest heartbreak. Or the dream sequence from a David Lynch film. There's a nostalgia present in Dre Babinski's songwriting that leaves you longing for the familiarity of a bygone era — just not one you can necessarily pin down.

Steady Holiday video "Mothers" premieres

Steady Holiday released "Mothers," the latest single from her forthcoming Barsuk debut Nobody's Watching today. The ominous tone of the track is reflected in its accompanying music video, of which Dre Babinski says, "Some have a hard time distinguishing compassion from the slippery slope of altruism. This character is one of them, hesitant to 'give an inch...' anticipating what will be asked of her next. Maybe it's more convenient to keep the door locked next time."

Watch the video here. 15 Aug 2018



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