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Danny Seim began the Lackthereof project in 1997. His other band, Menomena, started as a side project in 2000 and took over because Seim felt less self-conscious as a drummer than as a singer-songwriter. The first six Lackthereof releases were CD-Rs that Seim gave away freely to friends. This ended in 2004, when Portland, OR indie label FILMguerrero released .

Since then, Seim has released (on Barsuk) and (on FILMGuerrero), both in 2008, and both of which were performed entirely by Seim, and recorded and mixed in his basement in Portland. A massive and completely awe-inspiring 20-song retrospective was released in 2009, collecting some of the best of his work to date.



bark76: Lackthereof / Your Anchor
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