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A Retrospective 1998-2008
fg29: Lackthereof / A Retrospective 1998-2008
fg29   CD FILMguerrero   October 2009
  1. Forced The Issue
  2. Tongues O' Fire
  3. Miko
    • Safely In Jail
  4. Mercykilling
  5. Abstinent Dry Sex
  6. Every Kind Word
  7. Modern Christianity
  8. The New Aspirin
  9. Assistance Is Requested
  10. Pimping Is Never An Easy Task!
  11. Both Of Us
  12. By The Heat Of The Laundromat Vent
  13. Know, Understand
  14. A Lure
  15. Half Off Drugz
  16. Let U Down As Good As I Did
  17. Formula
  18. Monolithic
    • The Columbia

Before Danny Seim started the acclaimed Portland, OR art rock trio Menomena, he was the sole, prolific, and promotion-averse member of Lackthereof. Seim still finds time for making Lackthereof recordings, which, over the project's ten year history, have ranged from lo-fi to lush, acoustic to synthetic, poppy to noisy. A Retrospective 1998-2008 Or I Was A Christian Emo Twentysomething contains the best of Seim's Lackthereof work, selected by him from among a decade of remarkable electronic beat experiments, lo-fi indie dub, simple acoustic soundscapes, challenging art pieces, and much more, in an eco-friendly package that features 20 of Danny's original illustrations.



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bark76: Lackthereof / Your Anchor
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