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Nada Surf

Never Not Together
bark191: Nada Surf / Never Not Together
bark191   LP / CD Barsuk Records   February 2020
  1. So Much Love
  2. Come Get Me
  3. Live Learn And Forget
  4. Just Wait
  5. Something I Should Do
  6. Looking For You
  7. Crowded Star
  8. Mathilda
  9. Ride In The Unknown

PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl and CDs are available for pre-order only, and will not ship until just before release date (February 7, 2020). Any orders that contain this pre-order item will be held until the complete order is ready to ship.

Never Not Together sees Nada Surf continuing to pursue their humanistic vision of the world through hooky, catchy rock songs with sharply drawn, yet tenderly felt, lyrics. Recorded earlier this year at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales, the wide-ranging collection revels in the group's ability to evoke and reflect grand and intricately wrought emotions, whether through sweeping guitar solos or hushed-whisper vocals. Songs like the spectacular "Looking For You" and the shimmering mid-tempo "Just Wait" are empathetic, warm, and powerfully urgent, marked by songwriter Matthew Caws' ongoing lyrical quest for 21st century love and connection. "We're all together, and that's just the way it is, and the way it always will be," says Caws. "That’s the sacred truth of it."

Nada Surf vinyl



[OUT 07 Feb 2020]

CD US$12


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