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John Vanderslice

John wrote the bulk of his most recent Barsuk release, , while knee-deep in legal limbo after a visa application for his girlfriend, a French national he met in Paris, was rejected by US Immigration. The songs and themes are fueled by an era of deep insecurity and paranoia; they develop in front of a backdrop of ritualized and mythologized current events. Lyrically, JV's characters and storytellers track Manifest Destiny from burning wagon wheels to two-bedroom homes with full amenities in Bakersfield, California. Along that rough road, there are bewildered commemorations, peace-lovers and revenge-lusters, psychotic reactions to unnamed episodes, and the grief-stricken and the vengeance-hungry wrapped up in the same skin. Weaving throughout the entire album is the ever present danger of opposition. But at its simplest, is made up of JV's love songs — confused and angry, afraid and defeated.



bark66: John Vanderslice / Emerald City
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bark44: John Vanderslice / Pixel Revolt
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upcoming shows

[3 Jun]

Albuquerque NM  @ Living Room Show 

4 Jun  

Denver CO  @ Living Room Show 

6 Jun  

Salt Lake City UT  @ Living Room Show 

7 Jun  

Boise ID  @ Living Room Show 

9 Jun  

Seattle WA  @ Living Room Show 

10 Jun  

Seattle WA  @ Living Room Show 

11 Jun  

Tacoma WA  @ Living Room Show 

13 Jun  

Tacoma WA  @ Living Room Show 

14 Jun  

Salem OR  @ Living Room Show 

16 Jun  

Sacramento CA  @ Living Room Show 

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