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John Vanderslice

Pixel Revolt
bark44: John Vanderslice / Pixel Revolt
bark44   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2005
  1. Letter To The East Coast
  2. Plymouth Rock
    • Exodus Damage
  3. Peacocks In The Video Rain
    • Trance Manual
  4. New Zealand Pines
  5. Radiant With Terror
  6. Continuation
  7. Dear Sarah Shu
  8. Farewell Transmission
  9. Angela
  10. Dead Slate Pacific
  11. The Golden Gate
  12. Crc7173, Affectionately

"One of the most unique, talented and thoughtful producers working in indie rock today." (Pitchfork)

It fully merits high praise as both the best work of Vanderslice's career and easily one of the best albums of what has been a refreshingly strong year for music.
Slant Magazine




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Vinyl version (from Afternoon Records) now available!
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