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John Vanderslice

Emerald City
bark66: John Vanderslice / Emerald City
bark66   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   July 2007
  1. Kookaburra
  2. Time To Go
  3. The Parade
    • White Dove
  4. Tablespoon Of Codeine
  5. The Tower
  6. The Minaret
  7. Numbered Lithograph
  8. Central Booking

John Vanderslice wrote the bulk of his new album while knee-deep in legal limbo after a visa application for his girlfriend, a French national he met in Paris, was rejected by US Immigration.

The songs and themes in Emerald City are fueled by an era of deep insecurity and paranoia; they develop in front of a backdrop of ritualized and mythologized current events. Lyrically, JV's characters and storytellers track Manifest Destiny from burning wagon wheels to two-bedroom homes with full amenities in Bakersfield, California. Along that rough road, there are bewildered commemorations, peace-lovers and revenge-lusters, psychotic reactions to unnamed episodes, and the grief-stricken and the vengeance-hungry wrapped up in the same skin. Weaving throughout the entire album is the ever present danger of opposition. But at its simplest, and captured with straight autobiography in album closer "Central Booking", Emerald City is made up of JV's love songs — confused and angry, afraid and defeated.

Emerald City was tracked quickly, and mostly live at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. The album was performed by David Broecker, Dave Douglas, Ian Bjornstad, Scott Solter, and JV. The record's title refers to the Green Zone in Baghdad.

John Vanderslice is one of the most imaginative, prolific, and consistently rewarding artists making music today.




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