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At a time when so many of their peers have taken to writing music that is akin to oblique navel-gazing, Charly Bliss is more interested in exploring other extremes of feeling — namely unbridled glee. "People forget sometimes that expressing joy is just as important as examining despair," says Charly Bliss' Dan Shure. "People need joy, especially right now. We're all about writing tight pop songs, but also giving people this super enthusiastic release. These songs are kind of the sound of expressing something that you can't really contain. These are songs you play really loudly when you need to freak out."

"Pop music can actually be very subversive," says frontwoman Eva Hendricks. "The lyrics that I'm most proud of on the record are me existing both in and out of this overgrown teenybopper feeling — feeling like everything I was going through was the most extreme thing that had ever happened to anyone ever. The songs are often about being totally in the throes of this stuff, but also being able to step out of it and make fun of myself. It's possible to write songs that really get at all of these dark feelings while also just being really fun to sing and dance to. You can be serious and also sing about peeing while jumping on a trampoline."

Charly Bliss share Guppy album stream via NPR First Listen 13 Apr 2017

Today, NYC's Charly Bliss have shared the album stream for their anticipated debut album, Guppy. NPR First Listen, who premiered the stream are saying it's "a record that captures the yearning angst and spitting anger of youth — and details feeling rootless and restless while coming of age. Guppy is one of those ecstatically empowering records you'll return to again and again." Guppy is available for pre-order now and due out on April 21st.

The band is hitting the road at the end of the month and have tour dates with Upset, Yucky Duster and See Through Dresses. Their energetic live show is not to be missed. All dates here.


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NASHVILLE, TN · High Watt 

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SAINT LOUIS, MO · Off Broadway Nightclub 

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OMAHA, NE · Reverb 

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