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In a musical landscape pitted with pop stars and pigeonholes, Maps & Atlases defy easy categorization, choosing to walk their own incomparable path. Beware And Be Grateful builds upon the Chicago-based band's acclaimed Barsuk debut, Perch Patchwork, melding their trademark experimentalism with a more direct — though no less beguiling — songcraft. The new album abounds with invention, spanning hymnal harmonies, percolating rhythms, even, in the case of centerpiece track "Silver Self", a full-on guitar solo. Songs like "Remote And Dark Years" and "Winter" are gloriously liquid and lyrical, channeling M&A's maximalist creativity into a truly inviting brand of boundary-busting, asymmetrical pop.


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Beware And Be Grateful


VIDEOS:Fever”   “Remote & Dark Years”   “Old Ash

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Living Decorations

Perch Patchwork

“Solid Ground”

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Solid Ground