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The idea of "home" plays a prominent theme in the short history of Peter Michel and his Seattle-based band Hibou. "I actually recorded half of the new album at my parents' home," says the 21-year-old about Hibou's debut full-length release. "There are moments on the record where you hear my dad cooking or hammering," he adds. The self-titled debut LP features 11 songs (including four new versions of songs previously released as the Dunes EP) and is a lush, driving mix of '80s inspired pop, fueled by twisting reverbed-out guitar melodies, elegant arrangements, and a love of soda, summertime nostalgia, and trips to Peter's inspirational point in Seattle: the fittingly-named Discovery Park. "I've written a ton of the melodies for the band there," he says. "It's my favorite place in the world."



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15 Nov  

San Francisco CA  @ Cafe du Nord 

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Visalia CA  @ BarrelHouse 

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Los Angeles CA  @ Moroccan 

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San Diego CA  @ Soda Bar 

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Portland OR  @ Bunk Bar 

22 Nov  

Seattle WA  @ Neumo's