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Amidst an atmosphere of melancholia, Peter Michel has thrown himself into a lifetime's worth of writing, recording and touring belied by his young age. At just 17, the Seattle-based musician toured extensively with dream pop outfit Craft Spells, and most recently met critical acclaim with his personal project, Hibou. The sound Michel creates is a landscape filled with swooning, hazy reflections on loss, love, nostalgia, and joy from a 10,000 foot view. It pleads for you to stay in the moment while planting the seed that you will likely lose this memory as it slips into a misty wistfulness. His music is a testament to fixation as a cure for apathy, and the fantasies that emerge from a mind unmoored.



bark199: Hibou / DéSir
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bark187: Hibou / Halve
  • Inside Illumination
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upcoming shows

13 Jan  

Seattle WA  @ Chop Suey 

17 Jan  

Portland OR  @ Show Bar 

19 Jan  

San Francisco CA  @ Bottom of the Hill 

21 Jan  

Los Angeles CA  @ Troubadour 

22 Jan  

San Diego CA  @ Soda Bar 

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