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Ruler's music — hook-heavy, assertive, inspiring — is made for motion. It's a soundtrack for moving forward, for getting better, in terms of both healing and self-improvement. Built on main man Matt Batey's lifelong fears, anxieties, addictions and failures, not to mention his preternatural gift for creating instantly classic indie rock, Ruler's songs follow that old adage by Robert Frost: The best way out is through. And in this case the best way through is with the volume cranked all the way up.

Brooklyn Vegan premieres Ruler's "Unhindered Pace" video

Brooklyn Vegan is premiering the video for "Unhindered Pace," the latest track from rising Seattle artist Ruler's forthcoming debut album, Winning Star Champion. Watch the video here.

The video came about as Ruler songwriter and frontman Matt Batey spent months confronting his agoraphobia by forcing himself out of his apartment and onto the vertiginous span of Seattle's Aurora Bridge, where much of the video was shot. The point was to face his fear in order to overcome it, a grueling process he describes in "Unhindered Pace," singing, "I walk an unhindered pace, through the dark and dingy places/All just to see a hopeless sight, and keep a smile on my face."

Ruler is set to perform at the upcoming Upstream Festival in Seattle June 1-3, and at the TIMBER! Summer Music Festival in Carnation, WA July 12-14. Additional tour dates to be announced shortly. 18 Apr 2018



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Carnation WA  @ Timber! Music Festival 

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Carnation WA  @ Timber! Music Festival