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Winning Star Champion
bark172: Ruler / Lp1 - Tbd - Winning Star Champion
bark172   LP / CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   May 2018
    • Petrified
  1. Winning Star Champion
  2. Cars And Houses
  3. Get To You
  4. Rule This
  5. Unhindered Pace
  6. The Cure
  7. Always Running
  8. Obvious
  9. Keep Moving
  10. We've Got It Made

The music on Ruler's debut album — hook-heavy, assertive, inspiring — is made for motion. It's a soundtrack for moving forward, for getting better, in terms of both healing and self-improvement. Built on main man Matt Batey's lifelong fears, anxieties, addictions and failures, not to mention his preternatural gift for creating instantly classic indie rock, these eleven songs follow that old adage by Robert Frost: The best way out is through. And in this case the best way through is with the volume cranked up all the way.

[A] cathartic solo debut... it's hard to make feeling bad sound so good, but Batey pulls it off with ease. [He] uses rock music to transmute his anxiety into fist-pumping catharsis... [and] finds joy in joylessness.




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