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The American Analog Set

Hailing from Austin, TX, The American Analog Set evolved from the ashes of Dallas' Electric Company and released 6 critically acclaimed full-length albums between their formation in 1994 and Set Free, released in 2005 on Arts & Crafts. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Kenny, and future founder of Barsuk's own The Wooden Birds, AmAnSet (as they are lovingly referred to by fans and admirers) at one point or another included members Lee Gillespie, Craig McCaffrey, Mark Smith, Tom Hoff, Lisa Roschmann, and Sean Ripple. Barsuk Records is proud to reissue their seminal 2001 LP Know By Heart on 180-gram vinyl. Widely considered the Austin, TX band's crowning achievement, Know By Heart was released to critical praise on Tiger Style Records in September 2001 as The American Analog Set's 4th full length and its limited, single vinyl pressing has been highly sought-after as it has long since been out of print. This deluxe 180-gram vinyl reissue with gatefold sleeve includes never seen before Know By Heart-era archival photographs and liner notes, plus a download code with high-resolution MP3s of both the original studio album and 21 previously unreleased demos from the Know By Heart sessions, including 3 previously unreleased songs. It will be available in stores on June 3rd, 2014.


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