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Menomena releases Friend and Foe (Expanded Edition)

Following last month's jam-packed announcement of the first Menomena show in over a decade + the release of previously unreleased songs (The Insulation EP), we're excited to be sharing Menomena's Friend and Foe (Expanded Edition). It's one of our very favorite albums. While recording it, the band was in the midst of a prolific creative period that included making the great Wet and Rusting EP — all the tracks from which are included on this expanded reissue along with the excellent and previously unreleased "Golden Gate," "Lochness," and "Lone Ranger." Those songs — plus the anomalous but appealing DeKodeR remix of album track "Weird" and the chaotic, long-unavailable mixtape "Magichat" — are all now included with Friend and Foe as bonus materials, downloadable and streaming wherever you get your digital music.

To further mark the occasion, the band used some new-fangled AI technology to increase the resolution of some of their early music videos — no, they didn't add new characters or extra fingers or explosions; they just pushed the ‘enhance’ button that's always getting used in sci-fi movies to bring low-resolution imagery into focus — and have released newly robot-clarified versions of the delightful videos "Rotten Hell" (directed by Trevor McMahan) and "Evil Bee" (directed by Stefan Nadelman) from Friend and Foe... plus one of the great indie music videos of all time, the Jonnie Ross-directed "Cough Coughing" from the band's debut album I Am the Fun Blame Monster!. All three videos can be seen here. 10 May 2024

Unreleased Menomena music + PDX show + vinyl reissue

After a decade-long hiatus, Portland, Oregon-based experimental indie rock trio Menomena (Justin Harris, Danny Seim, and returning co-founder Brent Knopf) announced an August 10, 2024 show in their hometown to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band's beloved debut album I Am the Fun Blame Monster! along with a pre-order for a colored-vinyl reissue of the long-out-of-print LP via SlyVinyl Records.

Menomena also announced a series of expanded-edition digital reissues of their Barsuk Records albums Friend And Foe (2007), Mines (2010), and Moms (2012), and as an appetizer they released their first music to hit streaming platforms in over a decade: The Insulation EP contains three Mines-era tracks any of which could easily have been singles, each culled from an excavation of the band's archives during which they found a large quantity of large-quality music that had either never made its way to digital music services or had never been released at all.

This somewhat chaotic barrage of announcements caps a decade in which the members of Menomena have kept quite busy with a volume of other projects (Harris as a member of UK-based fellow genre-breakers Bloc Party; Knopf with his solo project Ramona Falls and then with EL VY, his collaboration with The National's Matt Berninger; Seim with his solo project Lackthereof and as the creative director of Louisville, KY's Portland Museum where his current project is curating and building a children's museum). 16 Apr 2024


Death Cab for Cutie Record Store Day exclusive 2xLP

Record Store Day 2024 is here! Don't forget to add Death Cab for Cutie's Live at the Showbox — on beautiful pink marble and limited to 2500 copies worldwide — to your list. This 2xLP won't be around for long, so don't miss out! Check with your local record store to make sure they'll have it on April 20, 2024. 15 Apr 2024


The Long Winters So Good At Waiting Rarities album

Available today for your streaming pleasure, The Long Winters So Good At Waiting (Rarities 2000-2017), a collection of deep-cuts, covers and compilation tracks. 14 Mar 2024

The Long Winters announce digital expanded editions and vinyl catalog reissues

With The Long Winters' long out-of-print catalog reissued by Bandbox late last year on limited-edition color vinyl — and now mostly sold out — Barsuk Records announced today plans to digitally reissue expanded editions of all the band's studio albums over the next few weeks, culminating March 15th in the release of a new digital-only rarities album So Good At Waiting (Rarities 2000-2017), as well as the release of the entire classic Long Winters catalog on standard black vinyl. 30 Jan 2024


Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny reissue on vinyl

Barsuk is pleased to announce the first ever North American vinyl release of the Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service) and Andrew Kenny (The American Analog Set, The Wooden Birds) Home split mini-album. This vinyl release is out on a canary-yellow vinyl variant available exclusively through indie record stores and a translucent cobalt variety available through the Barsuk, Death Cab for Cutie/Ben Gibbard, and American Analog Set/Andrew Kenny webstores, and will be released on November 17. Pre-order now! 01 Nov 2023


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