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The Long Winters

So Good at Waiting (Rarities 2000-2017)
bark214: The Long Winters / So Good At Waiting (Rarities 2000-2017)
bark214   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   March 2024
  1. The Commander Thinks Aloud (Solo Live)
  2. Connections In Nashville
  3. Not Moving To Portland
  4. Christmas With You Is The Best
  5. Sometimes You Have To Work On Christmas (Sometimes)
  6. Hi-Speed Soul
  7. Second Best
  8. In The Light
  9. Do You Believe In Love?
  10. Pet Name
  11. Give Me All Your Lovin'

Eleven-track set of deep cuts and compilation tracks, mostly previously unavailable digitally, out March 15 on digital services everywhere!



bark54: The Long Winters / Putting The Days To Bed
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bark48: The Long Winters / Ultimatum
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bark31: The Long Winters / When I Pretend To Fall
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bark22: The Long Winters / The Worst You Can Do Is Harm
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