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The Long Winters

bark48: The Long Winters / Ultimatum
bark48   CD-EP / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   October 2005
  1. The Commander Thinks Aloud
    • Ultimatum
  2. Everything Is Talking
  3. Delicate Hands
  4. Bride And Bridle (Live)
  5. Ultimatum (Live)

Ultimatum is a spare six-song snapshot of the oblique and poetic-minded side of astounding songwriter and Winters bandleader John Roderick. At times sparse, at times warmly lush, this collection of songs is always intensely beautiful, stretching from simple vocal-and-guitar folk balladry to orchestral grandeur to band-driven electro psych-pop and largely leaving aside the guitar pop rave-ups with which Roderick is equally comfortable. The band's first release since 2003's When I Pretend to Fall, the EP is an enticing set-up for the band's upcoming '06 full-length and that rarest of things: an EP that stands on its own as a great record from a band that has already set a high standard for themselves.

If there is a poet laureate of rock 'n' roll after Paul Westerberg it may be Roderick, who can make us laugh as often as he can break our hearts
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