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The Prom

In the early aughts, The Prom were a group of young, melancholic, textbook Pacific Northwest indie rockers, likened to touchstone artists from Grandaddy to Paul McCartney to their Nebraska contemporaries, Bright Eyes. The original trio configuration and later four-piece lineup did tours with Death Cab for Cutie, The Long Winters, Desaparecidos, Starflyer 59, Archer Prewitt, and Carissa's Wierd, amongst others, and were known for the irreverent wit and infectious energy of their live shows, contrasting with the beautiful sincerity and often somber tones of their music.

Friends and loved ones were heartbroken by news of James' sudden passing on January 1, 2019. He was an exceptionally talented pianist, composer and songwriter, and a wonderful human being.



bark189: The Prom / Demos 2003
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