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The Prom

I'll Send You the Stars: Songs of James Mendenhall
bark193: The Prom / I'll Send You The Stars
bark193   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   January 2020
  1. Benjamin Gibbard - Brighter Than The Moon
  2. Calico - Shiver Holds
  3. Calico - Rock Lies
  4. Josh & Andy - How Does It Feel
  5. Tim Kasher - Keep Moving
  6. Audits - Allison
  7. Telekinesis - Jean Alexander Waltz
  8. Young Elk - Living In The Past
  9. Little Brazil - 25
  10. Arrow Of Light - Ink On The Paper
  11. The Shabby Bastards - The Same Complaints
  12. James Mendenhall - Under The Same Stars

I'll Send You The Stars: Songs Of James Mendenhall is a celebration of the life and songs of James Mendenhall, front man and songwriter of Seattle-by-way-of-Omaha indie-rock favorites, The Prom.

Friends and loved ones were heartbroken by news of James' sudden passing on January 1st, 2019. He was an exceptionally talented pianist, composer and songwriter, and a wonderful human being.

"Within minutes of hearing the news, I felt a pull on my heart to create a tribute to James as a way to honor his spirit and the gift of his music," says Prom bandmate David Broecker. He and Vic Padios, another longtime friend of James, began making calls, assembling contributions for an album of new recordings of James' songs from musicians in the Omaha, Seattle and Portland indie scenes.

In addition to new renditions of James' previous recorded work (including a powerful "Keep Moving" by Cursive's Tim Kasher, Telekinesis' "Jean Alexander Waltz," a decidedly un-Promlike take on "Ink on the Paper" from Portland indie super-group Arrow of Light and Benjamin Gibbard's somber and dub-ethereal "Brighter Than The Moon") there are also new recordings by James' more recent collaborators of previously-unreleased songs. The album closes with "Under the Same Stars," a never-before heard recording by James himself that was originally intended to be included on the 2002 Barsuk album of the same name.

David goes on to say, "My hope is that you will feel his presence upon listening and that you will be reminded that one's art can transcend their time with us."

100% of Barsuk's profits from sales and streams of I'll Send You The Stars will be donated to Cancer Pathways, a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Seattle, Washington. For over 18 years, Cancer Pathways has offered education, support, and family programs to children, teens, and adults living with cancer, along with their families and friends.



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