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The Prom

Under the Same Stars
bark25: The Prom / Under The Same Stars
bark25   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   July 2002
  1. (An Introduction To) Under The Same Stars
  2. Living In The Past
  3. Guarantees Aren't Easy
  4. Ink On The Paper
    • A Note On The Kitchen Table
  5. Brighter Than The Moon
    • The Same Complaints
    • The City Gets Lonely
  6. Room With White Walls
  7. A Note On The Kitchen Table (Reprise)
  8. It's Not My Fault

Under The Same Stars is an ambitious mid-fi orchestrated pop extravaganza, completed shortly after the trio's return from their first national tour in the fall of '01 with Death Cab for Cutie. Intelligent and forlorn, The Prom were based around a tight drums/bass/piano backbone augmented by assorted analog keyboards, and, on their debut full-length record for Barsuk, by a full string section, flute, and some other studio fun.

Under The Same Stars, the latest from the Seattle-by-way-of-Omaha trio, might just reform the much-maligned reputation of the piano man. More musically akin to labelmates Death Cab For Cutie than to Billy Joel, The Prom's ebony-and-ivory-centered pop songs linger over earnest, poetic lyrics without a hint of melodramatic undertone. Each arrangement sounds carefully considered and crafted, with the band's formerly stark piano, bass and drums now augmented by strings and horns to concoct the charming Under The Same Stars. The album has its upbeat moments, complete with the requisite jaunty piano, but they beautifully complement the quieter fare on the rest of the record.


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