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The Prom

Saloon Song +2
bark18: The Prom / Saloon Song +2
bark18   CD-SINGLE / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   May 2001
    • Saloon Song
  1. Now And Then
  2. Jean Alexander Waltz (Sleepy Version)

Three song teaser released before the Prom's Barsuk debut, produced by the band and Death Cab's Chris Walla.

This three-piece band out of Seattle has found a slightly cheerful way to restore my faith in pop music. A piano, a bass and a drum set. NO! It's not Ben Fold's Five (dear Lord it's not Ben Folds) but it's pop nevertheless. Call it chamber pop, call it indie... call it what you will. A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Crud Magazine


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