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Friend and Foe
bark60: Menomena / Friend And Foe
bark60   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   January 2007
fg27   LP FILMguerrero   August 2007
  1. Muscle'n Flo
  2. The Pelican
    • Wet And Rusting
  3. Air Aid
  4. Weird
  5. Rotten Hell
  6. Running
  7. My My
  8. Boyscout'n
  9. Evil Bee
  10. Ghostship
  11. West

Friend and foe shines Northwest indie songcraft through a Chicago post-rock lens, illuminating the quiet recesses with an unpredictable, experimental light. See what others have had to say about this phenomenal album:

"Beautiful and ominous" (The Absolute Sound)
"Equal parts free jazz, Talk Talk, and XTC" (Magnet)
"This just might be what we've waited for." (Filter)

Menomena are releasing what may be their definitive statement. Friend and Foe not only retains the relentless originality of I am the Fun Blame Monster but augments it with a seemingly amplified confidence that elevates the music to a new level of strength and audacity. Intense and amazing.




CD US$12
FLAC(download)  US$12
MP3(download)  US$10


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