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John Vanderslice

Time Travel Is Lonely
bark17: John Vanderslice / Time Travel Is Lonely
bark17   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   June 2001
  1. You Were My Fiji
  2. Keep The Dream Alive
  3. Little Lost Boy
  4. Interlude 1
  5. Everything Changed
    • My Old Flame
  6. Interlude 3
    • Time Travel Is Lonely
  7. If I Live Or If I Die
  8. Emma Pearl
  9. Interlude 2
  10. Do You Remember?
  11. Gainesville, Fla

"Time Travel is Lonely is not only Vanderslice's most ambitious record but perhaps the most ambitious record of the new century." (AudioGalaxy)

Vanderslice's quirky songcraft has never sounded better than on Time Travel Is Lonely, a delight of bouncy horn-ingested pop laced with distorted drums, beats and Moog-y gurgles that would make even Keith Emerson sit up and take notice. A refreshing Pacific breeze in what has been a relatively slow year in pop.


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CD US$12
FLAC (download)  US$12
MP3 (download)  US$10

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