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John Vanderslice

Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
bark24: John Vanderslice / Life And Death Of An American Fourtracker
bark24   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   May 2002
  1. Fiend In A Cloud
    • Me And My 424
  2. Underneath The Leaves
  3. Interlude #4
    • The Mansion
  4. Nikki Oh Nikki
    • Amitriptyline
  5. Greyhound
  6. Interlude #5
  7. Cool Purple Mist
  8. From Out Here
  9. Fiend In A Cloud, Pt. 2

"A great song craftsman, at times lush and psychedelic like Elephant 6, at times reminiscent of [Sunny Day Real Estate's] Jeremy Enigk's frog days, often arty and a tad obtuse á la Shudder to Think — hard to describe, but well worth looking into. Two great CDs are already out and a third is on the way this May." (Village Voice)



CD US$12
FLAC(download)  US$12
MP3(download)  US$10

Vinyl version (from Afternoon Records) now available, with one bonus track!
NOTE: The LP version does NOT come with an MP3 download code.


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