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Eyelid Movies (Expanded Edition)
bark94dx: Phantogram / Eyelid Movies Expanded Edition
bark94dx   2XLP Barsuk Records   November 2022

Deluxe reissue of Phantogram's debut album includes three previously unreleased studio tracks, alternate versions, b-sides, instrumentals and remixes; available digitally and as a limited-edition double-LP with previously unreleased music on black-swirled yellow vinyl and newly expanded gatefold art.

When Eyelid Movies was released in February 2010, the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter was a relatively unknown band hailing from Saratoga Springs, NY. But, with steady touring and the eruption of an underground hit ("When I'm Small"), the band soon rocketed to prominence and became a leader of the early ‘10s electronic indie-rock scene, growing through the decade to become major festival draws in their own right and with their Big Boi collaboration project Big Grams.

The 27-track digital release (included as a download code in the limited vinyl edition) also contains an alternate version of "Make A Fist" (previously available only as a bonus download with the original LP's first pressing, licensed to Ghostly International), a beautiful and previously-unreleased live recording of "Voices" from one of the band's first radio sessions (at upstate NY listener-supported early adopters WEXT), plus vintage remixes from RAC, Michna, Chuck Brody and Alan Wilkis.

Limited to 5000 copies worldwide, we have a small number available here. The digital version is available here.

Eyelid Movies Expanded



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*VINYL* 2xLP+MP3 US$39


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