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Yellow Ostrich

Like a Bird (An Alex Schaaf Anthology 2010-2021)
bark200: Yellow Ostrich / Like A Bird (An Alex Schaaf Anthology 2010-2021)
bark200   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   March 2021
  1. WHALE
  2. Julia
  3. I Need My Space
  4. Neon Fists
  5. How Do You Do It (Keith Sweaty Mix)
  6. Ghost
  7. River '93
  8. Harvest
  9. Slippery
  10. Mary (Alternate)
  11. Marathon Runner
  12. Armistice
  13. Best For You
  14. Hahahaohhoho
  15. Like A Bird (demo)

Like a Bird: An Alex Schaaf Anthology (2010-2021) spans the career (so far) of quietly brilliant songwriter/producer Alex Schaaf, including some of the best material from his Yellow Ostrich albums on Barsuk and from his self-released solo projects under his own name and under the name Human Heat. Schaaf's clear tenor and unique compositions are identifiable across his diverse catalog, which ranges from Yellow Ostrich's looped-vocal indie-pop gems like "WHALE" and sophisticated neo-modern prog like "Neon Fist" to subtle, gorgeous analog-electro chill-pop like the Human Heat track "I Need My Space".



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bark133: Yellow Ostrich / Ghost Ep
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