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Christian the Christian
fg23: Lackthereof / Christian The Christian
fg23   CD FILMguerrero   January 2004
  1. Half Off Drugz
  2. Let U Down As Good As I Did
  3. Fear Of Rapture
  4. Abstinent Dry Sex
  5. Tongues O' Fire!
  6. Mission With Christian
  7. Safely In Jail
  8. Catcher's Boy
  9. Take Him Away

Danny Seim began recording himself under the Lackthereof moniker in 1997. Four years (and five self-released solo albums) later, Seim got together with two friends and began collaborating as Menomena. It wasn't long before Seim started becoming more enthusiastic about this "side project" with his two friends, mostly because Menomena had the distinct advantage of being able to play more instruments simultaneously in a live setting. Lackthereof was silently placed on the back burner. Fast forward to 2005: Menomena is still going strong with a busy recording/touring schedule, while Seim continues to write and record as Lackthereof in the basement of his Portland home whenever he can find the time to do so. Enter Lackthereof's seventh proper album: Christian The Christian is a brash collage of the perverse, the spiritual, and the spiritually perverse. The result: a hugely creative conglomeration of beats, loops, vocal melody, and electronic ambience layered thick over the standard guitar/bass/drums fare which creeps into the brain and does not depart. The beauty of this album is that it is not mired by its atmospherics. Rather, Seim allows the song and melody to gurgle its way through the mirk to the surface. The listener will find Christian The Christian is a compelling, recording spectacle. Packaging hand crafted by the fine people at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon.



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