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Steady Holiday

Nobody's Watching
bark179: Steady Holiday / Nobody's Watching
bark179   LP / CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2018
  1. Flying Colors
  2. Mothers
  3. Who's Gonna Stop Us
    • Nobody's Watching
  4. All Aboard
  5. Love And Pressure
  6. Eastern Comfort
  7. Trapping Season
  8. Exit Song
  9. Desperate Times

Dre Babinksi's sophomore album, Nobody's Watching, began as a concept record about two archetypal crooks, then developed into an exploration of universal themes like greed, fear and self-interest; the ugly and troubling edges of human nature. It's the natural next step for Dre and Steady Holiday, a project that builds worlds we wish to escape to or from. It's an examination of the inner narratives we all share but keep in the shadows, where the characters may not always be likable, but they do what they can to survive — like we all do.

Utterly brilliant... the power of Steady Holiday comes in the way that Dre Babinski is able to utilise sweeping strings, synths and prominent basslines to create something that sounds as saccharine as it does unnerving.
Line Of Best Fit




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