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Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny

Home EP
bark211: Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny / Home EP
bark211   LP Barsuk Records   November 2023
  1. You Remind Me Of Home
  2. Carolina
  3. Farmer Chords
  4. Choir Vandals
  5. Hometown Fantasy
  6. Secrets Of The Heart
  7. Church Mouse In The Church House
  8. Line Of Best Fit

The first-ever North American vinyl release of the Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service) and Andrew Kenny (The American Analog Set, The Wooden Birds) Home split mini-album on translucent cobalt vinyl. Originally released as the fifth and final volume of the early-'00s Home series of split albums on Austin, TX indie Post-Parlo, the Gibbard/Kenny pairing showcases two brilliant songwriters whose legacies continue to shine twenty years later. Kenny and Gibbard took a simple approach for their entry into the series, recording on cassette four-track machines in their respective living rooms in New York and Seattle and each performing four exclusive stripped-down tracks (including a cover of one of the other's songs — Kenny choosing a rendition of Death Cab's "Line of Best Fit" and Gibbard delivering his version of AmAnSet's "Choir Vandals").



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