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Nada Surf

Nada Surf livestream for 15th Anniversary of The Weight Is A Gift

In 2005, Nada Surf released their follow-up to the seminal album Let Go. Titled The Weight Is A Gift, it quickly became a classic in its own right. Recently, we discovered a vintage broadcast of a stellar show from The Weight Is A Gift tour's February 2006 stop at Los Angeles' Henry Fonda Theater. Barsuk and Nada Surf are pleased to present free livestreams of the original broadcast, in all its non-widescreen glory, on Monday December 21st at 4pm ET / 1pm PT at Nada Surf's Facebook Page and on Tuesday, December 22nd at 4pm ET / 1pm PT at Nada Surf's YouTube Page. 14 Dec 2020

Never Not Together (Deluxe Edition)

Nada Surf have released a deluxe version of their latest album Never Not Together, available here and at digital retailers everywhere. It includes three previously unreleased songs recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales during the Never Not Together sessions, plus an epic strings-and-chorale version of the standout "Looking for You," and three alternate recordings of the hit "So Much Love," (including French- and Spanish-language versions). 13 Nov 2020

Nada Surf announces Never Not Together deluxe edition

Nada Surf today premiered the powerful music film for "Just Wait", an extended visual interpretation of one of many highlights found on their acclaimed LP Never Not Together. An ambitious, evocative collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Mark Pellington, "Just Wait" is streaming now at YouTube.

In other extended-version news, an official Deluxe Edition of Never Not Together will be available at digital and streaming services Friday, November 13. The newly expanded collection is heralded by the brand new track, "Stories Going 'Round," recorded last year at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales during the Never Not Together sessions and available now. The deluxe edition also includes two other never-heard-before songs as well as versions of the hit "So Much Love" in French and Spanish. 22 Oct 2020

Nada Surf "So Much Love" video and contest

Today, Nada Surf has released a new video for "So Much Love" from their new LP, Never Not Together. The video was directed by Michael Arthur, and it's available here. "Since we had only a few days to make the video for 'So Much Love,' we tried to keep it simple, focussing on the band, alone in the dark and gradually expanding the vision to a cosmic sense of love and hope," Arthur said. "We went in not really knowing what we were doing, but staying open to the idea of this expansive love and the collaborative spirit of all involved."

The band is also excited to announce the "So Much Love" fan video contest in partnership with Fender Guitars, open to anyone who wants to make their own "So Much Love" music video, expressing what the song means to them. Interested directors can download hi-resolution audio here.

"I've described this song so many different ways," recalls Matthew Caws. "It's about good will between people, it's about our ability to find positivity even while in difficult circumstances, about seeing beauty everywhere by working to reframe our judgement. We're good at feeling good and we're good at feeling bad and we can spend a lifetime navigating that. All this is why it would be so exciting for us to see your interpretation of the song!"

The band will select one entry as the winning video and promote that video via their socials and web site. In addition, the winner will receive a Fender Player Telecaster from Fender Guitars and a selection of merchandise and vinyl from Nada Surf. Fans and video makers interested in submitting their work must post their work on YouTube on or before April 30th with the hashtag #SoMuchLove.

"I've always believed that how someone hears a song is just as valid as what the writer was feeling when they wrote it," says Caws. "If it makes you want to make something, please do, we'd be thrilled!" 25 Feb 2020

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