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Yellow Ostrich

New Yellow Ostrich EP!

Yellow Ostrich just released the beautiful Make It Make Sense EP which you can listen to now at digital retailers everywhere! Produced by Mike Noyce (Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth) the new EP was released during Yellow Ostrich’s recent month-long residency shows in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN. Make It Make Sense comes on the heels of the band's pandemic-delayed U.S. tour this fall in support of their 2021 banger Soft, available digitally and on limited-edition pink vinyl in our shop. 27 Jan 2023

Yellow Ostrich Soft

The gorgeous new Yellow Ostrich album Soft is available digitally everywhere today! It's the first new album that the quietly brilliant musician, producer and songwriter Alex Schaaf has released under the Yellow Ostrich name in seven years, and it's full of sublime lyrics, a perfect balance of experimental and classic sounds, great hooks, and elegant playing, featuring an outstanding group of assembled musicians borrowed from La Luz, Lissie, Bon Iver, and The War on Drugs, and engineered and mixed by Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Gordi, Whitney, Waxahatchee, Hand Habits).

Check out charming videos for two of the singles off Soft, "Julia" and "Last Summer" — each captures aspects of the album's thematic concerns around the pitfalls and pressures of traditional masculinity, and human nature's complex simultaneous aversions and drives toward connection, vulnerability and tenderness. 23 Apr 2021

New single from upcoming Yellow Ostrich album

"'Birds'" is about realizing that desire can be fluid and that it doesn't follow strict rules and patterns the way you might expect it to," says band leader and songwriter Alex Schaff about the new Yellow Ostrich single. "And generally it's about continuing to learn more about yourself and others as you get older, that it's not a process that stops when you reach a certain age."

Hear Yellow Ostrich's "Birds" The new album Soft is out April 23. 09 Apr 2021

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