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Mates of State

Kori Gardner is one of the best female singers in modern music (and husband Jason is also no slouch). Their style is iconic – the effortless way their voices harmonize and volley back and forth, the movements within the song, the way they move from upbeat to pastoral so fluidly that you don't perceive it happening. Their instruments and voices all move as one piece, inseparable. Through the years, the textures have become more intricate, deeper. They've begun throwing in the occasional trumpet or guitar, but it is still stunning how much they can do with just keyboards and drums. They move so far within the limitations of the two-piece format that you can't even call it a limitation. It feels as natural as the standard rock-and-roll four-piece.


upcoming shows

[12 Jul]

Philadelphia PA  @ The Foundry 

13 Jul  

Pittsburgh PA  @ Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall 

14 Jul  

Cleveland OH  @ Beachland Ballroom 

15 Jul  

Detroit MI  @ The Shelter 

16 Jul  

Columbus OH  @ A&R Music Bar 

17 Jul  

Indianapolis IN  @ Hi-Fi 

18 Jul  

Chicago IL  @ Subterranean 

19 Jul  

St. Paul MN  @ Turf Club 

20 Jul  

Kansas City MO  @ recordBar 

21 Jul  

St. Louis MO  @ Old Rock House 

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