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We hope this finds you and yours well, or as well as can be.

In doing our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 here in Seattle, all Barsuk staff are working remotely and our online shop is temporarily closed. We remain available via email, but won't be able to ship orders for what could be a few weeks.

If you have any questions or encounter problems with our site, please write to us and we'll do what we can to set things right.

If you'd like us to notify you when we re-open the shop, please enter your email address:

 [Also check this box to be added to the Barsuk mailing list – otherwise, we'll only notify you when our shop is up-and-running again.]

Due to event cancellations and public health concerns, many artists are looking ahead to an unexpectedly difficult year. Now more than ever, please consider supporting musicians by purchasing merch from their online shops and by buying their music from local record retailers who are also hurting, many of whom are filling mailorders or offering delivery, even if they've closed their doors to shoppers.

Below is a list of our artists' online shops that continue to ship out orders, as well as a map of independent record stores that could use your support. The map reflects stores that we know are currently operating, but of course the list may change as the situation develops. If we find a more comprehensive resource, we'll link to that instead.

Be safe out there, and please do what you can to help support hospitals and medical staff by working to prevent rapid spread of the virus.


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