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Little Champions

Transactions + Replications
bark16: Little Champions / Transactions + Replications
bark16   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   March 2001
  1. Transactions + Replications
    • Beverly
  2. Low Flying Plane
    • The Idiot Seat
  3. Kerplunken
  4. Kind Radio
  5. Half Inhaled
  6. Whoreck
  7. Arrogant Parts
  8. Man Bikini
  9. Waiting For Rabbits
  10. Hillary Right
    • Our Furnace
  11. Guitar Stuff

"This is music that turns grass green again, sharpens old crayons, makes evil clowns turn good, and restores our faith in Seattle." (Action Attack Helicopter)



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krang7: Little Champions / Pillow
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