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Sunset Valley

bark20: Sunset Valley / Icepond
bark20   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   July 2001
  1. Say Ow
  2. Ironmen
    • Fall Fly
    • Wired Nights
  3. Blackberry Bushes
  4. Help Me Babe
  5. Misery Jet
  6. Nico Ride
  7. Touch You
  8. Joseph Blow
  9. Icepond
    • Parade On My Rain
  10. Janey O'
  11. Matinee Idol
  12. Nautilus Sun

“Instead of just hammering out a song and beating you over the head with hooks, this time around the words and the music slowly creep into your mind, floating there as you settle into the song, warming up to it little by little until you're hooked. It is Sunset Valley's new found ability to attract listeners, the talent to let the listener sink into the song, instead of the other way around, that makes Icepond a true winner.” (In Music We Trust)

With a sound ranging from Northwest, rainy day psychedelia, to indie guitar rock, to Syd Barrett or Skip Spence-style rambles, [Icepond is] sure to please all around. Think the bucolic pastorals of Granddaddy, but with backwards glances, old-school rock and minus Jed the computer.


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